On the 13th of June 2018 we opened the ‘Bonaveri, a fan of Pucci’ exhibition in Florence, Italy. After working closely with both houses for six months, the project was finalised and became a travelling exhibition. In Florence the project consisted of 16 rooms of creative housed at Palazzo Pucci, each telling a different narrative of the past, present and future of both houses. Showcasing the savoir-faire and craftsmanship we dedicated a working atelier where Bonaveri and Pucci showed their upholstery, hand painting and pattern cutting skills for the guests to experience. As part of the narrative of the Exhibition we also art directed several fashion shoots which were used as social media and press content. You can view the Exhibition here.


Creative | C H A M E L E O N 
Production | Bonaveri, Pucci & Visualplex 
Photography | Lapo Quagli